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Our history

Entrepreneur and chef, Jacinthe Duclos has always loved cooking with natural and healthy foods. 


Over the years of cooking, she has seen how powdered broth bases contained a large quantity of sodium, of sugar, of Palm oil, of cornstarchpreservative and additives. After many searches, she had no success in finding a healthy and good tasting broth.  From that moment, she decided to create her powdered broth recipe that would respect a list of simple, natural and vitaminized ingredients. In a few months, Jacinthe managed to develop a new vegan formula rich in vitamin B12 and including a high nutritional value. Therefore Chief J updated. 

-Chef Jacinthe Duclos,  

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To offer a range of healthy food products, of superior quality, made of natural ingredients without gluten, without OMG, without added sugar, without added fat and without preservatives or additives. 

A product respecting a healthy diet. 

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Promoting healthy eating, making consumers aware of the lists of ingredients contained in commercial products. 

Expand our product line and the flavors offered


Our products are offered in several specialized natural and organic stores, grocery stores and farmers food markets.

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